Most participating schools have installed the composter at the covered playground.

If the composter is installed in other places, please note the following :

(A) Installed outdoor

  • If the composter is installed outdoor, an awning or a waterproof container is recommended to be installed for better operation under bad weather conditions.
  • An air outlet should be provided in the waterproof container to allow air in and out.

(B) Ventilation

  • In area with poor ventilation, exhaust fans should be installed and turned on during the operation of composter to ensure proper ventilation in the area.
  • The exhaust outlet should be away from the members in school to avoid nuisance.

(C) Minimizing influence to school members

  • Ensure the operation area has enough lighting and space to transport and handle food waste.
  • Do not place any miscellaneous objects, chemicals, flammable substances or fire near the composter.
  • Keep the working environment clean to prevent pest.