As announced in the 2017 Policy Address, the Government will provide appropriate professional support to schools for onsite treatment of food waste with a view to cultivating the "Food Wise"culture in the community. To take forward this initiative, the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has launched the Pilot Programme on Provision of Small Food Waste Composters at School (Phase One) ("the Phase One Programme") in 2018 to provide the primary and secondary schools with a small food waste composter and educational materials.

As positive responses were received from schools participating in the Phase One Programme, and there are potential demands from schools on acquiring small composters for education and demonstration purposes, the EPD through the Environmental Education and Community Action Projects Funding Scheme funded by the Environment and Conservation Fund has launched Phase Two of the Pilot Programme ("The Phase Two Programme") in 2020.

The 3-year Phase Two Programme will provide small food waste composters with daily treatment capacity of about 5 kg together with associated educational materials to primary and secondary schools with dual objectives of cultivating "Food Wise" culture among teachers and students through reducing food waste at source, and demonstrating the recycling of unavoidable food waste into compost for use in planting on campuses. The food waste reduction talk and workshops will be organised by EPD and assistance will be provided to the participating schools to organise their own related educational activities, to increase the understanding of "Food Wise" culture.